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Are you looking for an efficient translation agency that can help you solve your problems? At ApexTra, we have the experience and expertise to help you solve all your translation challenges.

We first need to understand your target audience and how your message will resonate with them. We literally never translate literally and are careful to avoid expressions that don’t work from one language to another. We rely on expert, professional translators to provide you with texts that are perfectly interpreted from one language to another.

With ApexTra, we offer a unique translation approach that acknowledges the indissociable link between language and culture. Find out more about our translation services.

A boutique agency with quality guarantees

ApexTra is a translation agency where quality is king. We are aware that each language has its own subtleties. And every text deserves a tailor-made translation, perfectly in tune with its purpose.

Our vetted translators have in-depth knowledge of the culture of each language. Our core values are transparency, honesty, quality, and simplicity.

A simple expression can make all the difference in a text. Same as a typo, or a punctuation mistake. As a translation agency, our aim is to provide you with well-crafted texts tailored to your needs.

To guarantee the quality of our translators’ services, we put our money where our mouth is. We know that the smallest mistake can affect your corporate image, and indirectly your sales.

That’s why if you find the slightest error in one of our translated texts, we’ll refund 10% of the total amount of your invoice. Proof of our commitment to your quality requirements.

Marketing copy and website translations

Do you need your website translated? Do you want to reach potential customers around the world? Do you export your products and services worldwide? Our translators put their words in your hands.

With over 20 years’ experience translating for companies of all sizes, ApexTra can handle any project. Marketing, WordPress site, CMS, IT, investment… Whatever the field, our specialized translators remain faithful to the intent of the original text.

Sales or visibility objectives: ApexTra adapts to your specifications.

Sworn and certified translations

For all official translations, call on the services of our sworn and certified translators. Accounting, contract law, medical, legal, real estate… All your official documents are meticulously translated.

ApexTra offers customized solutions, including translation of official legal documents. Request a free quote directly on our website.

Need a quick update to a previous translation? Our after-sales service has you covered.